Guns 2022 Desk Calendar

Guns 2022 Desk Calendar

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  • 12 months (January - December).
  • Foldable card stock stand for desk usage.
  • Size: 8.27" x 3.74" (210 x 95 mm).
  • Printed on thin semi-gloss photo paper with laser technology.
  • Photos: Barrett .50 Cal, M500 Shotgun, Mk 153 SMAW, M240B Machine Gun, GAU-17 Minigun.
  • Credits: The U.S. Army (January, August), David Trawin (February), Andrew Schneider (US Navy) (March), William Chockey (US Marine Corps) (May), Mesa Tactical (12) (June), Michel Sauret (US Army) (July), Sgt. Derek Carlson (September), Gertrud Zach (US Army) (October), Sgt. Shane Hamann (US Army) (December),


$14.99 + $2.99 shipping

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